terça-feira, 10 de janeiro de 2012

How to change the world?

Search to find out how much change society, to create solutions to reduce the violence, end hunger, illiteracy and so on. However, little is done to change people's thinking about the world.

Many believe that hunger exists because there is no food for many people, others find that violence is caused by lack of employment and thereby throw all the blame to someone. It does not seem very sensible, since there does not exist by chance.
In my little reflection, I believe that much of what happens in the world has everything to do with the neglect of all. Soon we call real reason of events.
Society needs to treat herself with responsibility for the problems it creates. We get no use lamenting over spilled milk. We must roll up our sleeves and fight to change what is possible. One thing is certain, no one can change the world for more effort you can do. That's God's job. However, we can do our small part in building a better world.
We need to look at the things that surround us with a look of optimism, believing that it is possible to change the situations that seem impossible to fulfill.
There are so many initiatives that can be taken. It's a project that works, is the company that can give your kickoff, church, school, etc.. It all depends on how we see things. If each one trying to do his part with sincerity and devotion, it is likely that we can see results.
There are thousands of unemployed young people, needing only an incentive to leave their comfort, but what can you do? One might ask. And I say: dancing, singing, acting, drama. All were born full of talent. Nobody was born to be thug. This is who makes the medium, the situation, the society that contributed to these young people came to that. It was he who chose. So we can not blame people for who they are? Thinking like this we mean that we are blessed by God because we are nice.Not at all. All were born to be blessed by God. Only God makes things go going to see the attitude of children towards other children. It is not the same God who sends rain on the evil and on the good? He could not do justice? However, it places the responsibility on our hands to touch the world. It is beautiful, wise and wonderful attitude of God? Put the world's fate in our hands? What happens is that we are too selfish. Hence the fuss is happening in the world. But God allows this to happen, so when you think about it, be certain that God has given us the ability to do the right thing and we put a great deal to lose our own fault for not seeking the correct orientation.
But, after all, we can always start over, because the same man who is able to destroy, it is also able to build. What a beautiful thing! How many men came giants in the history of mankind, who were able to completely change the course of things, of a nation? It is this beauty that we want to talk.
Throughout recorded history is a myriad of events. Arose men who were capable of killing thousands of lives, humiliating and torturing many others, on the other hand there were also men who saved thousands of lives, being a king or a simple man, in everything that counts is the size of the heart opens wide the man who can you love, how can you go up in flames of hatred. What we do know is that only the human being was given the ability to transform humanity.
God grant that one day understand why we exist. And we can use all our capacity to love and do good. Only then will we be truly happy, because the memory that will make us, is that of peacemaker. Who fought for a better, fairer and more human. Is always good to remember that. Otherwise you will always remember the tragedies of torture etc.

Professor Valdeni Cruz

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